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Tendon Injuries

The foot and ankle are supplied by many nerves and supported by tendons. Injuries to these structures are usually caused by penetrating wounds, which can lead to various problems and abnormalities.

Tendon repair

Tendons of the foot attach muscles to bone and are responsible for important foot movements. Tendon injuries can lead to ankle instability and problems with walking.

It is necessary to identify and treat tendon injuries early for better relief. The wound site is cleaned off foreign bodies and dead tissue and tendon is repaired surgically with stitches. If the tendon is injured close to its attachment to bone, suture anchors may be placed in holes drilled in the bone to enable a stable fixation. Delay in treatment may lead to the retraction of muscle-tendon complex, producing a gap in the tendon and formation of scar tissue. It can then be corrected by tendon reconstruction, tendon transfer (replacing damaged tendon with graft) and osteotomy (removal of bone) procedures.

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